Current Spam Litigation

These are pending Spam Actions in which the law firm of Walton Twu, LLP is currently involved.
Please let us know if you wish to sue a spammer.

Jamie Carper v. Anastasia International Inc., et. al., San Francisco County Case No. CGC 13 533001 (Complaint filed July 22, 2013) Alleges violations of Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 17529.5. Jury trial date set for July 21, 2014.

J. Fink, et. al. v. Altare Publishing Inc. et. al., Santa Clara County Case No. 113CV249360 (Complaint filed July 11, 2013) Alleges violations of Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 17529.5 & Cal. Civ.Code § 1572. Removed to Federal Court on August 12, 2013. Remanded back to Sate Court on February 3, 2014.

Wagner v. Spire Vision, No. C 13-04952 WHA (Dist. Court, ND California 2014). Order granting Plaintiff's motion for partial summary judgment on the grounds that Plaintiff can state a claim under Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code 17529.5.

Davison Design & Development Inc. v. Riley, No. C 11-2970 PJH (Dist. Court, ND California September 13, 2012). Order denying motion to strike and granting motion to dismiss on the grounds that CAN-SPAM expressly preempts all state laws related to spam e-mail, except to the extent that a state law "prohibits falsity or deception in any portion of a commercial electronic mail message or information attached thereto." [Citing to Gordon.]

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