Litigation Preparation

Step Three: Identify the spammer

So far you have saved digital copies of the email information for one individual spam from a single advertiser (For Example: ""), including: 1. The actual email spam 2. The header information 3. The source code of the email, & 4. The target website. Now we will show you how to use this information to identify the spammer(s), and collect other information that you will need.

The essentials you need to discover are:

  1. The Target web sites.

  2. The IP records.

  3. The Whois records.

  4. The Link between the target and the spammer.

  5. The Company's Name, Address, Telephone #, email address, and any other contact information you can find.

  6. If the Company is registered with the secretary of state.

  7. If there is any commentary about the spammers.
    If this spammer looks like a good candidate for pursuing civil litigation against, then go back and repeat steps 2.5 -2.11 for each spam you have received from that advertiser before you go on to step 4.

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